I’ve never felt more confident in what I am doing til now. It’s not that I want to go against people..it’s that people have gone against me. The real person I want to bring down is satan and his angels. However, there has been a lot of errors in things and documentation neglected. So I need to address that as well. Because unfortunately what seems like a movie is my reality.  I need help to stop satan and his riders. That’s all I want is help stopping them. However, as the holidays are approaching I know it’s going to get worse. Reading history I’m like ughhhh. But I’m like alright butt. Head I got you documented. So keep doing what your doing it’s going to back fire in your face. At first reading the documents I wanted to cry but then it’s like nope because I’m stronger than that. God got me through that. Yeah a lot of bad memories but thank god people stood up and said there was way more incidents that happened.  I know people seen things besides me..and thankfully it was documented.  I’m thankful for that.  I can see how people might read the reports and be like but you didn’t want him to go to jail..yes I understand. .but see every time he goes guess who gets the wrath of it? Me. I have documentation of him questioning me and why I told cops or other people things. So I was screwed either way. Reading about how he wanted my left side I didn’t get it…but now I do..The devil is a left side kind of a guy..He is bad and evil. Well I give my right to God. Sorry devil can’t have me. Then said he wanted left side of my heart and I better forgive him…ugh no go away….you can’t have my heart devil now go away…..go dig yourself a hole and get lost…leave me alone…but see the devil wants me…absolutely not. So how do I get rid of the devil? Keep doing what I’m doing because he thinks he owns me and it will end because he will cross another line. That’s a special kind of stupid if you ask me. How many other ways do I have to put it that it’s over? Over. Over. Over.  He keeps stalking me fine I asked him to leave me alone he wont. So now I got to put it out there for his wandering eyes to see I don’t want you…but he is so vain he will think I do. Idiot. Special kind of stupid. But I know God has my right hand and is guiding me. Taking me on a journey to end this. Hopefully people realize this is serious. And the one who has been losing is me. Now satan go away……but if you must bring on the rain don’t forget where rain comes from…rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey..little jack daniels 7. But biblically speaking daniel about the dreams and visions. ..you satan are the beast…kind of like hotel California talks about just can’t kill the beast…God will end your nonsense. He is just taking me on a journey. I am to follow and whether the storm. So bring on the rain buddy. However, I don’t forget where the rain comes from. God almighty. 

I had a dream I became a lawyer out of all this mess. ..and I won a battle against the county I live in. I had way too many testimonies and evidence against them and my ex and his mom. I had documentation against him and the county and I won. God put me here to stop the county’s mishaps and to stop evil. 

Someone once told me I was damaged goods…correction…I don’t like to open up to people easily because they lie. It’s hard for me to trust. The person who called me damaged goods was actually a prime example of why I am “damaged goods” so very hypocritical to even say that when he has a mirror to look in himself..maybe I should hold it up for him and have him repeat damaged goods aloud and see who he is really talking to and why women like myself are “damaged goods”